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  • André Helpkin

    We had the join link option before on Kins that were created and people added/ invited, but, unfortunately, it created a lot of duplicate people in Kins.

    When you add someone in a Kin and invite them individually, a unique invite link is created. Once they sign up with that unique invite link, our systems can link the person signing up with the unique link created for them.

    What happened previously is that Kins were created and people added. Those people were then included in a transaction split. And because we had the global join option available, some used that global join link to invite a bunch of people to the Kin.

    When those that were invited signed up with the global link, technically, we had no way of knowing that the person joining was the same person already added and included in a split. So for instance, you would have two Vaughn's in a Kin. Frankly, it created a lot of confusion. I hope that explanation makes sense?

    Having said that, a global invite link is the easiest way to invite a lot of people to a Kin in one go, so we're continuously thinking of ways that we can make improve the invite process :)

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